5 Easy and Healthy Slow-Cooker Dinners

Well, I don’t know about everyone else but up here in the Pacific Northwest we have been getting a ton of rain lately. It has been a cold and wet year so far and we have been getting a lot of use out of our Crock-Potso I wanted to share some of my favorite slow-cooker recipes in case you need some inspiration or just want some more easy dinner recipes.

Since I am the one cooking dinner here almost every night, it is nice to sometimes be able to prepare dinner early in the day and have it ready to eat later when I want it. That way I don’t have to do any work at the end of the day when I have less energy. I’m sure a lot of you understand. It’s also nice to come home in the evening to the amazing aroma emanating from the kitchen when the slow-cooker has been going all day. So, I hope you enjoy these great slow-cooker ideas!

5 Easy Slow-Cooker Dinners

#1 Salsa Verde Chicken

Chili Verde is one of my favorite things ever, and this healthy chicken version has been one of my favorite things to cook and eat lately. It’s easy, healthy, and delicious, everything I want in a slow-cooker recipe. It can also be made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs to save money. (She suggests breasts in the recipe here but I prefer thighs, use whatever you like best)

Click here for this great recipe from Crystal at Everyday Adventures.

#2 Pot Roast

Pot roast, another one of my favorite foods, is also super easy to make in a slow-cooker. Add your veggies and meat and just let it go. Six hours later you have an amazing dinner with almost no work. You can’t go wrong when you throw a big hunk of beef in the Crock-Pot with your favorite root vegetables.
Click here for this great recipe from Taste of Home.

#3 Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon or beef burgundy is a classic French beef stew and is a rich and hearty dish that is perfect for cold nights and it can be made in a slow-cooker! Beef stew is a great comfort food and this French version with a rich red wine base is loaded with umami flavor. This dish is reason enough to obsess over French cuisine and is what I consider to be beef perfection.

Click here for this great recipe from Alyssa at The Recipe Critic.

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#4 Chicken Quinoa Casserole

Enchilada inspired chicken quinoa casseroles have been popping up everywhere lately and for good reason. They’re delicious. Seriously, if you haven’t tried a dish like this yet, you need to. Quinoa, chicken, veggies, cheese, and spices come together in this amazing dish for a classic flavor with a modern and healthy twist. If you like Mexican food, you need to try this.

Click here for this great recipe from Katerina at Diethood.

#5 Curry

Curry is another classic dish that can come in a lot of varieties. This version is an Indian inspired curry and packs a ton of flavor. It’s versatile and can be made with any meat or just veggies, if you want a vegetarian option. Make it with whatever you have on hand or want to try and it will be delicious.

Click here for this great recipe from Lis at The Fare Sage.

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