Top 10 Pizza Recipes

Pizza is another one of those guilty pleasures that keeps me constantly conflicted. How do I eat healthy but still enjoy the amazing deliciousness of pizza? Well, one way is to make your own pizza at home! Today I’ve put together a list of ten pizza recipes that are all delicious, homemade and most likely much healthier than any pizza you can order from a restaurant. I hope this post inspires people to think about pizza differently and realize that their are even some good gluten-free and veggie based pizza recipes out there!

Homemade pizza is one of my go-to’s when I don’t have anything planned for dinner because it is usually rather quick and easy to prepare, doesn’t take long to bake, and it’s one of the most delicious things ever invented. My homemade pizzas vary greatly and I don’t really stick to any specific recipes or ideas. I just go into my kitchen and see what I have and whip something up from what I happen to have on hand. I know that for a lot of people that may be daunting. You may not be confident in choosing flavor combinations or making random homemade sauces, so hopefully this post will provide you with some more ingredient knowledge and combinations that work so that you can have more confidence Chefing Around at home with your own pizzas.

If you don’t have one already, this Pizza Stoneis affordable and will give you much better results than baking pizza at home without one. It helps give your homemade pizzas that delicious, crispy crust that is just so good. I also included some recipes in here for vegetable based crusts for people who want to avoid excess carbs or who are gluten-free and from my experience those are even better on the pizza stone as well.

Top 10 Pizza Recipes

#1 Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Spinach Pizza

The first pizza on my list is this incredible and flavorful caramelized onion, bacon and spinach pizza. There is a little bit of prep involved in cooking the onion and spinach but the amount of flavor you will get out of it makes it totally worth the effort! Also, I’m a sucker for bacon on pizza, it’s just too good. This could be a good way to sneak some dark greens into someone’s diet who might not eat them otherwise, as well.

Click here for this great recipe from Cooking Classy.

#2 Mexican Pizza

Yes, that’s right, homemade Mexican Pizza. This may not be an authentic Mexican recipe but it sure is a delicious example of the beauty of fusion cuisine. This cross between Mexican food and pizza is simple and delicious and a nice break from the usual pizza types. The variety of flavors and textures should appeal to all Mexican food lovers and maybe even convert some hardcore pizza fans as well!

Click here for this great recipe from Butter Your Biscuit.

#3 Eggplant Pizza

This is one of those veggie crust pizza options that I was talking about. You may recognize this from my earlier post but these Eggplant Pizzas are delicious and, according to some people who have tried them, even better than regular crust pizzas. The added advantage is that they are small and can be portioned more easily than regular pizza.

Click here for this great recipe from Chefing Around.

#4 Margherita Pizza

This one is a classic, perhaps the original pizza recipe and one that most people have tried before. This homemade recipe is simple and true to its roots and uses delicious, fresh ingredients to create an amazing flavor combination. This may seem too simple to be a great pizza recipe but trust in the classic combo of fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, and tomato, it just works. This recipe also comes with a homemade dough recipe that is sure to make your pizzas that much better!

Click here for this great recipe from A Beautiful Plate.


#5 Balsamic Mushroom and Goat Cheese Pizza

The garlicy, balsamic glazed mushrooms are the star of this amazing pizza recipe and one of my favorite flavors of all time. I had to include at least one mushroom pizza in this list because they are one of my personal favorite pizza toppings. This gourmet pizza also includes delicata squash and goat cheese creating a rich and savory flavor combination.

Click here for this great recipe from Half Baked Harvest.


#6 Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hawaiian style pizzas happen to be Heather’s personal favorite and I have definitely grown to love them over the years as well. This one is great because it combines the sweetness of pineapple and barbecue sauce with the savory flavors of chicken, onion, bacon and cilantro. This sweet and savory combo makes this an outstanding and incredibly delicious pizza recipe. This is sure to please those searching for either the Hawaiian or BBQ flavors that tend to be fairly common in pizza recipes.

Click here for this great recipe from Cooking Classy.

#7 Zucchini Pizza

This is another one of those veggie crusts that I was talking about. Zucchini is versatile and delicious and can be a great substitute for dough for those looking to avoid or limit gluten or carbs. It forms a great crust that browns and crisps up well in the oven and is tough enough to still be handheld without falling apart. For those seeking a healthier pizza option I highly recommend starting here.

Click here for this great recipe from My Humble Kitchen.


#8 Prosciutto, Fig, and Arugula Pizza

This is a great take on another classic pizza topping combination of prosciutto and arugula. That incredible combination of flavors has long been one of my favorites to top a pizza and is sure to impress. This recipe takes it even further and uses fig spread as the sauce that adds a sweetness and complexity that is absolutely mouth watering. This recipe is very well-rounded and gives you a variety of flavors and textures that all work together perfectly.

Click here for this great recipe from Kitchen Swagger.


#9 Green Pizza w/ Pesto, Feta, Artichokes, & Broccoli

I had to include a pesto pizza in the lineup today as well as it is one of my favorite pizza sauces. This one uses the classic combo of pesto and feta and then adds artichokes and broccoli for flavor, nutrition and texture. It also includes a healthy homemade pesto recipe that packs a nutritious punch. This recipe proves that green food can be delicious!

Click here for this great recipe from Hello Little Home.


#10 Blackberry Basil Ricotta Pizza

For the last pizza on my list today, I choose something really out there. This may not be for everyone but I wanted to highlight all the possibilities for pizza and provide some ideas that are a little out of the box like this pizza topped with blackberries. Sweet and savory make a great combo, especially on pizza and this recipe combines the delicious sweetness of blackberries with the savory flavors of basil and cheese. This is definitely different but could be a lot of fun for the adventuresome cook!

Click here for this great recipe from The Stay At Home Chef.

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  1. Homemade pizza is my go to last minute meal, this is a great round up of ideas!

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    Pizza is my favorite comfort food! I love homemade ones too as I get to put in all the ingredients as I wish! Haha! Thank you for sharing it over at Food Friday! 😀

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