What’s your passion?

Mine is Cooking.

Hi, I’m Justin and I love food. Growing it, cooking it, and definitely eating it. I started Chefing Around because I love to work creatively with food and come up with new and delicious recipes and I wanted a place to share them. I also want to help promote a culture of healthy eating and encourage people to eat better, healthier food by providing them with recipes and information to do that. After many years of cooking and working in the restaurant industry I’m excited to share my knowledge and passion with you.

My family is very passionate about food. So, I starting learning to cook and prepare it and really appreciate it at a young age. My focus was on other things when I was younger but the passion was always there.

As I grew older that inspiration developed into a desire to work in restaurants and prepare and serve food to others. I had several great opportunities to cook with and learn from great chefs in the Seattle area.  Those opportunities allowed me to hone my skills and encouraged my culinary creativity. I’ve done everything from washing dishes to line cooking to managing restaurants. And I love entertaining and cooking for friends and family. Now I’m sharing my knowledge and culinary creations with not only my family and friends but the world through Chefing Around.

The other half of Chefing Around is my wonderful and inspirational girlfriend, Heather. When I met Heather, she knew nothing about cooking and her eating habits were the opposite of healthy. But as we fell in love I couldn’t stand to watch her eat so terribly (ramen, mac and cheese, microwave dinners constantly!) so I started cooking for her and teaching her the basics. Six years later she has come a long way and, frankly, so have I.

Eating healthy food is the best foundation for a happy and successful life. There are very few things as important for physical and mental well-being as a nutritionally balanced diet. But today fast food and cheap processed food are more widely available than good whole food and people are suffering as a result. A lot of people don’t ever eat good whole food and don’t have any idea what that even is. I want to do whatever I can to change that. And when I ask people why they don’t eat healthier food the most common answer is that they don’t know how to cook it. So Chefing Around became my platform to spread healthy recipes and cooking techniques and to inspire culinary creativity(aka. chefing) in households around the world.

Heather has helped make all this possible through her inspiration, support, and hard work helping me plan, design, and promote our vision of changing the way the world eats by sharing healthy and delicious recipes.


Mine is eating.

Hi, I’m Heather. I have a lot of passions (including web design and entreprenuerialism)! But the one thing I always love to do, all my life and any time of day, is eat. I love junk food and health food one and the same. Over the years though, as my metabolism has slowed to that of an average adult woman, nutrition has become more important to me. Justin and I have been able to learn and improve upon our previous eating habits. He’s taught me so much, but he’s still the chef in the house. I can just suggest an idea to him, and he’ll waltz into the kitchen and whip it up.

“Chefing Around” came about because of this special dynamic we share. There have been many times when Justin is bustling around in the kitchen, and all I can think to ask is, “What are you chefing in here?” I’m so amazed by the incredible food he makes that I couldn’t help but want to tell the whole world about it! Together, we bring to you Chefing Around. We hope to help you improve upon your own chefing skills, and give you great ideas for meals in your daily life.

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