Our Mission
Justin and Lilly Cooking                               Justin holding limes from the tree in our backyard.

Here at Chefing Around our goal is for our food to inspire you to eat more nutritiously and have fun chefing up your own creations in the kitchen. We understand that it’s not always that simple, so we offer a wide variety of meal planning and other services to help simplify the process and give you the opportunity to eat as well as we do!

Services we offer include:

Personalized Meal Planning
Personalized Menu Planning
One-on-One Health Coaching
Recipe Development


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 Do you or someone you know have a brand or product that you’d like to feature?

Justin's Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients

We love working with brands in creative ways! We have many ideas for showcasing your products and brands, and our growing social media audience gives you many opportunities to market your unique experience. Opportunities with Chefing Around include, but are not limited to:

Product Reviews
Brand/Product Ambassador
Blog Posts
Freelance Writing
 We only endorse/review products that we try and that we believe will benefit our audience at Chefing Around.

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